Welcome to Taxodium

In exposing its roots from the soil, the bald cypress (taxodium distichum) provides a vivid and tangible metaphor of the nature and purpose of genealogical and historical research: making roots visible.

Whatever your genealogical concern, it is my pleasure to bring my varied and long-standing genealogical and historical academic experience to bear. I investigate documents relating to single individuals as well as many-branched families and commercial histories reaching far back into the past. I also undertake a range of historical research for academic or media projects. This website will present an overview of my services; I am happy to provide a quotation without obligation.

Marc Jarzebowski, PhD.


This photo art work in the Taxodium office shows an impressive bald cypress (taxodium distichum) in Sanssouci Park at Potsdam with its visible roots as a metaphor for my genealogical and historical research.