Welcome to Taxodium

In exposing its roots from the soil, the bald cypress (taxodium distichum) provides a vivid and tangible metaphor of the nature and purpose of genealogical and historical research. We have been making roots visible, too, for more then ten years. A solid training in historical science and much experience are invaluable qualifications for a thorough, critical, comprehensible and satisfying work. Berlin is a very appropriate and inspiring location for this because of the city’s eventful history, because of the large number of important archives and libraries and also because of the close proximity to Poland, where we also do research.
Taxodium is growing. Added to reliable cooperation partners in the United States, the United Kingdom, Croatia, Poland and Russia we also form a team in Berlin since May 2016. We bring our experiences and ideas together for genealogical, academic and media projects. This website will present an overview of our services and we are happy to provide a quotation without obligation.

Dr. Marc Jarzebowski and Jennifer Bernard.

Marc Jarzebowski and Jennifer Bernard

Photo: N. Boden