Bequest and exhibition concept: Ernst Schneller (1890-1944), educator – communist – victim of National Socialism

I was working as a trainee in the Brandenburg Memorials Foundation from May to September 2012, mainly in the depot and archive of the memorial site and the museum at the former concentration camp of Sachsenhausen. The bequest of Ernst Schneller had just been donated by his grandson. Ernst Schneller was an internee belonging to the so called “group of the 27”, who were all shot in the concentration camp in 1944. All members, three Frenchmen and 24 Germans, were convinced communists and active in the camp resistance. It was my task to classify the bequest, consisting of a diary, of various documents, of many objects and photographs. On this basis I developed an exhibition concept for the 17th workshop exhibition.

More details about the project (in German) here.

Ernst Schneller, Sachsenhausen concentration camp