Family Archive Otte/Gericke/Doland

This family archive consists of an unusually designed album, which I have acquired on a Berlin flea market in 2015 in a desolate state, with ripped out pages and loose photos, some of which might not have belonged to the collection originally. Many of the cramped pages are dedicated to one person or a couple, containing photos of different stages of their lives. A good and touching example is page 5, which shows an infant, the same girl as a toddler, her on the deathbed, finally the congregation of mourners and her gravestone: Gitte.

The album spans about eight decades from the 1890s to the 1970s and was probably compiled and complemented by several generations of a family, which cannot be identified. Photos of gravestones mention Gerhard (3.1.1915-17.5.1953) and Helene Otte, born Kuschel (12.2.1886-25.2.1945; p. 25), Wilhelm (born 22.10.1859) and Ernestine Priefert, born Kahl (18.11.1859-24.2.1928; p. 43). The rear of a loose photo with a toddler called “Bubi” says: “In commemoration of your grand nephew Herbert Gericke 1911”. Some of the glued in photos do also have remarks on their rears, but they have not been detached yet to read them. A later inserted folio documents the life of a Norbert M. Doland (p. 52f.). A loose wedding photo, on which children hold a sign saying “East, south, west, north / We all got united / and reach our brotherly hands / because the Fuehrer has brought us together” contains not yet identified family notes on its rear (p. 51). Men in uniforms (“Imperial Marines”, Swastika armband etc.) are frequent, place identifications are hardly possible. A photo of a visiting group is from the “Fairy Grotto” at Saalfeld/Thuringia (p. 30), another one with a man in a bear costume from Berlin (p. 7). Most of the other photos have been shot in rather rural and village life environments.