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Numerous famous people like the writers Christa Wolf and Berthold Brecht and the architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel have found their resting places on the Dorotheenstadt cemetery in Berlin-Mitte. I have been there a few days ago to experience the latest work of art, the space of light in the refurbished chapel, created by the acknowledged American artist James Turrell (*1943). Light of changing colors gets materialized and only the visitors by seeing and sensing it accomplish the artwork, together with the changing daylight from outside around sunset. The space of light invites to a spiritual experience, especially in grey November, when the damp leaves rustle and smell moldy. The cemetery – with its engraved family- und cultural histories as a place of commemoration and mourning, as the chapel is still in use – liaises with contemporary art in a faszinating and unique way. Dates for the presentation can be found on the website of the  Protestant Cemetery Association of Berlin-Mitte.

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