Taxodium in the Media

Taxodium in the Bremen newspaper “Kurier am Sonntag” from 1 May 2016


You can read the article online here (in German).

Taxodium in the Berlin newspaper “Der Tagesspiegel” from 24 December 2014

Media: Article about the genealogical work of Taxodium in the Berlin Newspaper Der Tagesspiegel from 24 December 2014

You can read the article in pdf-format here or online here (in German). A full English translation is available here.

Taxodium in the “Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly” 29/3 (Sept 2014)

Media: Article about the work of Taxodium in Berlin and the city's archives and libraries in the Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly from September 2014

You can read the article in pdf-format here.

Taxodium in “Deutsch Perfekt” August 2015

Media: Short interview with Marc Jarzebowski about his genealogical work at Taxodium in Deutsch Perfect from August 2015