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Pierre André Podbielski came to Berlin from Milano in 1981 to search for the roots of his father, who had never told much about the past. Thirty years later, in 2011, he opened his own space in the city which had started meaning so much to him, the photo art gallery Podbielski Contemporary at Koppenplatz 5 in Berlin-Mitte. I met him another three years later and we have started uncovering an extraordinary family history which will soon be told to a broader audience in a film documentary. From December 1st until 6th, Podbielski Contemporary at its US debut will present artworks from Francesco Jodice, Loredana Nemes and Benyamin Reich at the Context Art Miami, booth no 92 (2901 NE 1st Avenue | Miami, FL 33137). It’s a pleasure for me to recommend this event to my clients and friends in the United States, where my own work as a genealogist with Taxodium has started eleven years ago.

Pierre André Podbielski (Podbielski Contemporary Berlin)

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