Stubenrauchstrasse Cemetery

The cemetery in the Stubenrauchstrasse in Berlin-Friedenau, founded in 1881, is situated near our office and one of the most interesting and picturesque in Berlin. Come with us to visit the graves of public figures such as the composer Ferruccio Busoni, … Continue reading →

Oppressive Architecture

Not far from our office, the heavy-load bearing body – not only a verbal monstrosity – is the last concrete witness of Adolf Hitler’s and Albert Speer’s 1937 plans to convert Berlin into the megalomaniac world capital of “Germania”. Main … Continue reading →

Family Histories in Photographies

Indeed photographs are only snapshots of a single moment, but they can also tell stories. If you start to discover the past and leaf through the old family albums, you can find many unknown faces, which histories are nearly forgotten. … Continue reading →