Friedrich Hollaender and his Tingel-Tangel-Theater

Friedrich Hollaender was a leading figure of the literary and musical scene during the Golden Twenties and during the rise of the Nazis. Follow us to visit the historical site of his “Tingel-Tangel-Theater”, where Marlene Dietrich had an acclaimed appearance in … Continue reading →

Emil Schmidt’s Memories 3

Here is the third part of the Taxodium Zeitzeugen series and the third episode of our interview with the retired headmaster Emil Schmidt, which is entitled ‘Inquisitiveness and Worries’. … Continue reading →

Emil Schmidt’s Memories 2

This is the second part of our film-project Taxodium Zeitzeugen and also the second part of our conversation series with the retired headmaster Emil Schmidt in Bremen. Its title is: Jungvolk … Continue reading →

Emil Schmidt’s Memories 1

We start with a new documentary project today: Taxodium Zeitzeugen. The retired headmaster Emil Schmidt in Bremen has talked about his life as a child during the time of National Socialism in front of our camera in July 2016. From … Continue reading →

The Texel Uprise

Visiting the cemetery of the Georgians on Texel. The Dutch North Sea island, a holiday paradise today, played an important part during WW II as a bulwark in the so called Atlantic Wall against the allies. Part of its garrison … Continue reading →

Oppressive Architecture

Not far from our office, the heavy-load bearing body – not only a verbal monstrosity – is the last concrete witness of Adolf Hitler’s and Albert Speer’s 1937 plans to convert Berlin into the megalomaniac world capital of “Germania”. Main … Continue reading →

Deportation from Barkhof Highschool

In November 1941 a group of Jewish citizens had to gather in the yard of the highschool Am Barkhof in Bremen for deportation to Minsk. My father’s father, who was teacher at that school, told his students to watch out of … Continue reading →

Concentration Camp Prenzlauer Berg

I had a look around the old water tower in the district of Prenzlauer Berg after my genealogy class at the local adult education center last weekend and I came across this memorial plate commemorating an early national socialist concentration … Continue reading →