Taxodium Collection

Postcards and letters, photos and photoalbums, registers – documents such as these form a well kept tradition as a part of the family memory in many families, thus connecting the living members with the deceased. Often this material is taken as the starting point for further genealogical research. Not less often it ends up on flea markets or in the trash, be it out of negligence, lack of interest or absence of offspring.

Since we acquired a letter from 1845 for one of our projects in 2009 we am looking for letters, old photographs and other personal documents, as well in catalogues of specialized retailers as on flea markets. We don’t make a difference between the legacy of renowned persons and of ordinary people, some of whom remain anonymous, but tell about their lives vividly through the words and images they left behind.

Pieces from the collection are presented in the annual Taxodium calendar and here in the “family archives”.

The Taxodium Collection