Again many thanks for your successful search. We would never have been able to achieve this by ourselves. …
I will recommend you, when somebody else wishes to undertake some family research. I think it´s great that a company such as Taxodium exists, because one cannot accomplish this by oneself.

D.R. from Germany

Impressive research. Danke schoen. Yes continue searching. Anything on him or his family.

Super!!! Come on by and you can have a bottomless glass of champagne.

You are very thorough and diligent.

J.M. from Missouri/USA

Thank you very much for your work in researching our family tree. The exact origin of our family, primarily our grandparents and great-grandparents on my mother’s side, has been a great mystery to us for some time. We are very glad that we were able to enlist your services to unravel this long standing mystery. We feel that you have been diligent in your efforts and that your search was very thorough and fruitful. All of my family members are satisfied with your work and we are fascinated by the details of our family history you were able to devulge. This has brought all of us much closer to our own Jewish heritage as well as closer as a family. There is no doubt that everyone in my family who has contributed to the research agrees, the historic details you were able to find has been money well spent … Thanks again for your fine and detailed work, for us your professional experience has been invaluable.

D.B. from Pennsylvania/USA

Thanks a lot Marc. Appreciate the speed of your actions.
My parents are having a weekend in the first week of July (I believe July 7th) to celebrate my father’s 80th and my parents’ 50th and it would be great if I could show my father at least one document related to his parents.

Thank you so much for all your efforts. I am amazed at the amount of time and efforts, not to mention ingenuity, you have put into this research and am truly grateful.

Once again, thank you, thank you and again thank you for all your time and energy you put into this project.

M.F. from Israel

Thank you for the amasing work you have done so far, all in our familyare really impressed, and recently it was the 26th of January – ie my grandfather’s birthday! So my Mother (with some relatives) celebrated it for the first time in her life, she even cooked German food and bought some German wine.

T.C. from the UK

I’m very excited to see what you have this time!
My pleasure to recommend you. You do such a wonderful job.

K.S. from Victoria/Australia

Thank you very much for the quick and excellent work.

J.M. from The Netherlands

Great work! Would be great to see the scanned material when it arrives.

B.F. from Switzerland

Thank-you for your research and the report. I am little surprised at how much you have found and I suspect you must have been very busy when you were at …
For myself, this research opens up a whole new picture of this family.

B.K. from Victoria/Ausralia

I’m so thrilled with the results of the research. So interesting. The little boy who died en route to the States was Joseph, I learned. I would like to obtain more information, yes …. Many, many thanks for your diligence.

N.C. from New Jersey/USA

Can you translate what these are above? Anyway go ahead with the research and do what you feel is the most productive. Let me know who to make the check out to and the amount. This has really got my adrenalin flowing.

Thanks again,

B.W. from Illinois/USA

This is fabulous – thank you!

N.C. from California/USA

Thank you for the census. It brought back memories of all of our old neighbors and my playmates. Thanks again.

R.B. from Florida/USA

You have done a good job so far. I would never have known any of this without your help.

S.S. from Virginia/USA

This is fantastic! Thank you so much. Are you able to continue on and find their marriage certificate?

J.H. from Louisana/USA

Thank you for the report, it looks very well written and researched.

J.M. from Colorado/USA

Thanks for the chart. I’m very excited to get it put together. I am also realizing how big it is going to get.

J.B. from New York/USA

Exciting news! Don’t you just love archives? Will you translate before sending on this material?

D.L. from Ohio/USA

Thanks for your thoughtful reply. It sounds like — once again — you have a clear grasp of what needs to be done and how to move forward. I think you are right to postpone your trip until you have as much information in hand as possible, to make that trip more successful.
Best of luck with this project as you proceed!

Thanks for sending this message so quickly after your trip to Szczecin. I was thinking of you all day yesterday, sending you what we Americans call “good vibes” for success in your research. What you did find there is wonderful, more than we knew before for certain …
… was somewhat of a wicked stepmother in our family history, so pursuing the truth about her origins is less critical, except as it pertains to another mystery which interests me very much — the fate of her daughter … after her mother’s death. But now, thanks to you, we know her full name, and when she was born, which is progress indeed.

It is also a blessing to know where my great aunt is resting in peace. The graveyard … is where her mother was buried in 1889, and we visited there just a year ago.

A.M. from Maryland/USA

Thank you so much for the research done, it was more than expected.

D.W. from Illinois/USA

I can’t believe you found an address already. That is great.

S.B. from Wisconsin/USA

That’s great, and is fine with me. Very well researched!

P.C. from Spain

I have been crying tears of joy, just to know where my sweet grandfather was probably speaking about makes me so happy. Thank You.

L.H. from Texas/USA

I really love the idea of setting up a family tree. I look forward to more information, we are certainly establishing a long pedigree! My niece is about to have a baby, so that baby will be able to go back very many generations one day thanks to this.

G.A. from Florida/USA

Thank you Marc! This is a great find indeed.There is no need to research Fanny since I’ve heard from her son, but a photo of the tombstone would be great!

M.B. from Georgia/USA

Many thanks indeed for the email and the very good news regarding your research. The identity of … has been a mystery for some time, and now you have solved it!

P.C. from the UK

Many thanks for your – once more – very good work. Please proceed as you have suggested… As there is more hope again now that the puzzle can be completed.

K.T. from Germany