The collected writings of Karoline Kummerfeld

The project is to collate and annotate the publication of the written oeuvre of the actress Karoline Kummerfeld, née Schulze (1742-1815). Her two sets of memoirs Die ganze Geschichte meines Lebens – The Entire Story of My Life (1783) and Wahre Geschichte meines theatralischen Lebens – The True Tale of My Theatrical Life (1793), being edited together for the first time with Kummerfeld’s other writings from the years 1785-1815.
One of the key tasks of this project was compiling the text, which entailed transcribing the manuscript and producing a uniform text suitable for publication. This involved extensive research of individuals, plays, material culture (such as fashion) and historical context. I attach particular importance to the actress’ descent and family history, which on her father’s side she extensively demonstrated and verified by other sources, whereas her maternal line she obscured beyond the reach of modern historians. The project is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and is hosted by Berlin’s Free University Berlin, under Prof. Claudia Ulbrich and in collaboration with Dr. Gudrun Emberger. The publication in three volumes is planned for 2015 (project website).

Karoline Kummerfeld

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