Family Archive Voigt (Allenstein/Olsztyn)

Photo album, late 1920s, East Prussia. 48 pages, about 33,5×24,5 cm each. The photos are firmly fixed with glue and hard to detach. Some of them are lettered postcards, which help to identify the owners as Elsa and Otto Voigt from Allenstein (Olsztyn). According to the Allenstein directory from 1927, an engineer and calibrator named Otto Voigt lived at Roonstrasse 56. Page 48 is vacant, the photos on the pages 45, 46 and 47 have been removed. The album tells the story of love, family and of a bourgeois life with pastimes such as cactus breeding, piano playing, tennis, celebrations with the choral society, with bathing pleasures and holidays at the seashore and in the mountains. I have acquired the album in September 2014 on a Berlin flea market. Therefore I understand that there is no family existing any more, in which it is missing as a valuable family keepsake. I am always grateful for any remarks and comments, such as for the identification of locations and motifs.

Two postcards from Otto to Elsa Voigt

(glued in on page 31 top left and bottom right):

To Mrs. Elsa Voigt, Allenstein, Moltkeplatz 1-2.
Kumilsko, 24.9.29
Dear Elschen! Was the weather on Monday as bad as here. When I arrived at Bialla really large hailstones came down. I had good weather here today. I don’t think I will be able to be back before Friday this week. The connection to the station is always really bad. In case the flower crib arrives, unpack it carefully. With many cordial greetings and a kiss, your Otto.
[Bialla/Biała Piska is situated about 9 km northeast of Kumilsko/Kumielsk]

To Mrs. Elsa Voigt, Allenstein/Ostpr., Moltkeplatz 1-2 III.
Kumilsko, 25.IX.29
Dear Elschen!
Most probably, however, I will be in Allenstein Thursday night at 11.41 pm. Everything was white this morning and it was really cold during the night. So don’t forget the flowers. With cordial greetings, your Otto. Keep the postcards!
[Kumilsko/Kumielsk is situated about 130 km east of Allenstein/Olsztyn]