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This is a shocking document, which I found folded several times in a pile of other family documents (Familienarchiv Müller/Reichelt/Joachimsthal) on a flea market. The so called “Volkssturm” was formed in October 1944 to fight off the imminent military defeat by all means:

p. 1
To Horst Müller
Sender: Volkssturmbattailion 3-12. District: Greater Berlin
Dear comrade Müller!
Your name is missing in the volunteers recruiting files, as we have realized from our records. If you don’t follow this well meant order, a national-political education measure has to be requested for you and also for your parents, who haven’t considered it necessary yet to call your attention to the political significance of our movement. Medical certificates and other attestations will not be accepted for perusal, because new regulations aim at avoiding any dispensation from the Volkssturm. The forgery of certificates is forbidden under penalty of death or under allocation to the SS Volkssturm penal unit.
Heil Hitler
Horst Kraft.
Volkssturm general
former Stammführer Bann 198/3.
p. 2
Volkssturm members, eat whole-grain bread.
Get hard !!
Despise white bread !!
Whole-grain bread be the nourishment of the Volkssturm member !!
It fills the stomach and colours it read !!
Sieg Heil !!

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