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We start with a new documentary project today: Taxodium Zeitzeugen.

The retired headmaster Emil Schmidt in Bremen has talked about his life as a child during the time of National Socialism in front of our camera in July 2016.

From this and from additional film and photo material we have created seven episodes of two to three minutes in length, which will be uploaded here during the next couple of weeks.

Research will remain our main task. But the cinematographic treatment of historical subjects and of eyewitness accounts have become a new, interesting and possibly forward-looking scope. More filmed conversations with witnesses are already being planned.

This first episode with Emil Schmidt is entitled “He didn’t like uniforms”. Many thanks to Nikolaas Boden for the English subtitles.


Emil Schmidt’s Memories 1 — 1 Comment

  1. Vielen Dank, ich fand den Ausschnitt schon sehr spannend und hoffe bald auf den Rest. Es ist wichtig und vorbildlich, wenn solch engagierte Zeitzeugen und aufrechte Menschen sie Emil Schmidt portraitiert und konserviert werden.